Trim Some Dollars off Your Phone Bill with These 6 Tricks

Reviewing your phone bill thoroughly may uncover certain services that you actually don’t need. Charges for the small services may accumulate over the course of a year and become significantly high. However, you can reduce the waste by looking for cost effective options from your current phone service provider. This will highly reduce your monthly rates.

Cut Out the Extras
Some features in your phone plan add unnecessary costs to your bill. You can do away with features like call waiting or caller ID if you don’t need them. Use an old answering machine if you have one and lose the voicemail service. An additional cost of about $5 per month may seem like a few dollars but it adds up to $60 per year. An amount you can save by trimming off unwanted features.

Rethink Long Distance
Replacing your landline long distance service with a reliable high-speed internet connection is another way of trimming off extra dollars from your phone bill. You will find online services like Google Chat, Skype ad FaceTime quite useful because they are free. Use them to call landlines for only a few cents per minute. If these works for you, cancel the long distance plan on your phone to minimize cost.

Choose Pay-Per-Use Options
Most phone providers sell flat-fee phone services. When buying a phone service, ask the provider if they have pay-per-use option and choose it instead of a monthly plan. Some pay-per-use options have a la carte plans. These plans only add to your bill when you use a service as on a specific publication date. You will not receive a bill for a line that you never use when you choose a pay-per-use plan.

Ask For a Better Deal
Some phone service providers might be ready to give you a discount on your bill. All you have to do is call and ask them. Considering the high competition in the telecommunication industry, your phone service provider may be willing to provide affordable phone plans to retain you as a customer. One phone call can result in a cheaper plan.

Shared Phone Plans
Consider sharing your cellphone plan with your friends, work colleagues, or family members. Although a family plan may force you to cut on your cell phone minute usage but this will greatly save you money.

Try to eliminate your data plan if you do not use it enough
You can cut the extra cost by doing away with a data plan if you are not using it. A data plan may cost approximately $35 per month, which is a substantial extra cost on your cellphone bill.

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