Top 5 Anime Swords to Collect

Anime is often well known for epic armor and weapons, so it’s no surprise that these bladed weapons have become some of the most popular items for collectors and cosplayers. Out of the thousands of anime shows, there are 5 collectible swords that would make any anime fan ecstatic.

1) Trunk’s Sword- Dragonball series
One of two swords to appear in the series, Trunk’s sword is one of the most unique weapons in the world of Dragonball. Trunk’s sword is made memorable as we see him make short work of Frieza and King Cold, the first main antagonists of the series. Given to him by the legendary warrior Tapion, Trunk’s sword is adorned with a wide, thin hilt guard, as well as a sharp looking scabbard and smooth, elfish-like blade. To purchase a replica, is a great place to start.

2) Dragonslayer-Berserk series
Gut’s absurdly massive blade is one of the most well known weapons in the Black Swordsman’s arsenal. It requires two hands to wield and is larger than Guts himself. He is capable of swinging it fast enough to use it as a makeshift shield, capable of blocking arrows and attacks from vicious demons. Despite its simplistic design, the sheer size and potential for massive damage makes this one of the most sought after anime swords. While the real deal can bash open a skull with ease, replicas are far more fragile. Make sure you know how to take care of Dragonslayer before buying it.

3) Auto Mail sword- Fullmetal Alchemist series
Every Fullmetal Alchemist fan knows of Edward Elric’s ability to transmute his metal arm into a deadly blade/gauntlet hybrid. Capable of slicing through and blocking nearly every material in the series, the Auto Mail sword is Edward’s primary weapon of choice, to the point that the alchemist has developed somewhat of a dependence on the weapon in almost every fight.

4) Attack on Titan swords-Attack on Titan series
If it were not for these ridiculously sharp, heat-resistant blades, literally every single human would be mincemeat for the thousands of titans pounding throughout their world. Featuring a segmented blade, as well as a surprisingly modernistic, gun-like handle, these blades used by the Survey Corps have let many innocent civilians live to see another day.

5) Alligator-Jackals series
While gut’s Dragonslayer is easily the most gigantic sword on this list, the Alligator is a top contender for second place. Weighing over 40 kilograms, few fighters can lift, let alone wield it effectively. however, Nichol, the wielder of this monstrous blade, is able to effective slice and smash all his enemies into oblivion. This massive sword is distinguished because its handles are on the side. Furthermore, the striking, bloodstained saw blade easily connotes the sword’s only purpose: to kill.

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