How to Stay Safe from Injury this Summer

Injury prevention should be part of everyone’s summer plans. Avoiding injury will allow you to enjoy a more fulfilling summer and may keep you from having to deal with future medical problems. Here are some of the best ways to stay safe from injury this summer.

Protect Skin Against Sun Damage 

Getting sunburned is never fun, so it’s important that you safeguard your skin from the sun’s potentially harmful rays. Wearing sunscreen that has at least a 15 SPF level can keep you from getting sunburned. The CDC also notes that UV rays are the most dangerous during the midday hours, and you’ll want to remain indoors or seek shade under a tree or an umbrella at this time of day. Wearing sun-protective clothing can also help.

Remain Safe Around Fireworks 

It’s generally best not to detonate fireworks yourself, but there are some things that you should remember if you decide to set off fireworks this Fourth of July. You should stand several feet away from fireworks that have been lit before they detonate. Wearing safety glasses can prevent eye injuries. Having a bucket of water handy will allow you to put out any fires that may start quickly.

Wear Protective Gear for Sports 

You’ll probably want to get out and do some biking, skateboarding or roller skating this summer, and wearing the proper safety gear can stop you from hurting yourself. ABC News states that you should wear a helmet for any equipment that has wheels. Wearing pads for the knees and elbows is also advised. You may also want to invest in some gloves that can prevent scrapes and cuts.

Swim Safe 

In addition to knowing how to swim, you should always be swimming in safe areas such as public pools or areas that have been designated to be safe by lifeguards. Avoid diving into shallow water so that you don’t end up with any serious head or neck injuries. It’s best to swim with a friend in case of an emergency. Never swim during thunderstorms or other severe weather events.

Take Precautions When Barbequing 

Outdoor cookouts and summer go hand in hand, and taking the right precautions when barbequing your food can save you a trip to the emergency room. If you’re using charcoals, make sure you add lighter fluid to them when they’re still cold instead of doing so when they’re already lit. Be careful to not breathe in too much smoke so that excessive carbon monoxide and other harmful substances don’t get into your lungs. It’s also important to clean your grill regularly to remove any potentially dangerous grease buildups.

You can stay injury-free this summer by taking the proper preventative measures and using some common sense. Following these tips can keep you out of harm’s way for the entire season.

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