How to Properly Secure Poolside Furniture During Storms

If your home has a pool and there’s a hurricane or a major storm headed your way, the last thing you want to worry about is your pool furniture damaging your house. Some homeowners just throw their furniture into the pool itself. While this has worked for many hotels, it often does not for homes. Instead, the storm often turns the furniture into weapons against your house.

Ideally, you would bring the furniture inside of your house, garage, or shed. But this may not always be possible, especially if you live in a small house and have little garage space. Or if you don’t have a garage or shed at all. If you can’t, it is more than possible to secure them properly. Here are some tips on how to properly secure your poolside furniture during storms.

-Canopy sand bags. Sand bags are like weighty cylinders that you can strap around skinny parts, such as chair or table legs. It’s also what a lot of malls and other large retail outlets tend to use for their outdoor furniture. However, it is not ideal for any furniture that you are looking to make an heirloom or to auction off someday as it devalues it.

-Especially for things like tabletop centerpieces or glassware, clear Quakehold! Gel often does the job. Its transparent gel acts like an extremely strong adhesive that makes the object resistant to all levels of wind. It’s easy to apply and it takes 15 minutes to dry. It is good to use but, only if it’s something that you’re not planning to rearrange anytime soon.

-Heavy-duty furniture covers. These are furniture covers that weigh down your furniture so that it won’t get blown away or damaged in any way. This is a good solution for high quality furniture that you want to last for a long time.

-Invest in wrought iron frames. Wrought iron is heavier than plastic or aluminum. They are often difficult to re-arrange but they withstand high winds extremely well.

-If you have a railing or a fence post, a bungee cord might be the answer. In order to create the least resistance, be sure to wrap the cord around the furniture several times and then give a short leash to your railing or post.

If you can’t bring your outdoor furniture inside during a storm, there are several ways to ensure its and your house’s security. The sky’s the limit on what works best for you.

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