How to Properly Pack Fragile Items for Moving: The Ultimate Breakdown

No matter why you’re moving, if you have fragile and valuable or sentimental items, you don’t want to lose them in a move. It’s vital that you learn how to pack those fragile items correctly if you’re going to pack items yourself. Some people stick towels or old clothing around their items in a move, but that isn’t the correct way to do it.

First, you have to prepare for the move in advance. Don’t rush around on moving day wrapping those breakable items. You won’t be doing it correctly when it’s a rushed job.

Second, you need the right tools for the job. Packing paper, scissors, packing tape and bubble wrap are essential. You’ll also need a large table for spreading out your supplies and wrapping the item.

Lastly, make sure you have enough sturdy boxes for the items. You’ll also need a permanent marker to label the box with the word “fragile” in bold capitals. This is for your benefit as well as the mover’s benefit.

Plates, Glasses and Picture Frames

Crumpled packing paper should be used to line the bottom and top of the box to provide extra stability. Each plate should be wrapped with bubble wrap and secured with tape. They should be lined up vertically and paper should be placed between the plates too.

For glasses, the same packing rules apply. Crumpled paper should line the top and bottom of the box. Insert crumpled paper into the empty spaces of the glass and wrap paper around it.

If the picture frames are more than 8 inches, you can stand them in a medium-sized box and place crumpled paper between each one. The frames themselves should be surrounded by taped paper. Picture frames that are larger than 8 inches should be moved individually.

Lamps, Special Items or Odd Shapes

Lamp shades can be placed inside a box. Crumpled paper should fill the interior of the lap with the largest part facing down. The base of the lamp can be placed in a large box with crumpled paper as a buffer.

For items with odd shapes and handles, bubble wrap should be used. Tape bubble wrap completely around the item. Once wrapped, place it on a piece of cardboard and place another on top so it’s sandwiched in between. Use a liberal amount of tape around the entire piece. Place it in a box that is roughly the same size as the item and fill in any gaps with paper.

All fragile items should be snug and secure for the move. One of the ways that items break is because they’re bouncing around in the back of the truck. Filling empty spaces in the box is vital to ensure that the item is stable.

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