How to Prevent Crawl Space Pipes from Freezing This Winter

What happens when the winter months come? The temperatures freeze. Your skin becomes frostbitten. You realize the crawl space is chilly. Remember the crawl space remains exposed to the outside environment- the air vents allow the fog, frost, and cold breeze to freeze any water in the pipes underneath your home.

It pays to have the crawl space pipes as your number one precaution. Or else you will have to contend with frozen pipes when temperatures drop.

Luckily, there are several mitigation steps to protect your plumbing, but why do freezing pipes in winter?

Most water lines run in un-insulated or defectively insulated crawl spaces. All the unrelenting, bitterly cold winter air will reach the exposed crawl space plumbing network. Mobile homes can particularly suffer frozen pipes because the plumbing usually runs below the trailer. The trailers lack the foundation but only un-insulated vinyl skirting that never keep the crawl space hot or warm.

Prevent the Crawl Space Pipes from Freezing during Winter

• Insulate the Foundation. Insulating the crawl space pipes may be an unpleasant task. Heating ducts may reduce the crawl spaces. Such an exercise require the plumber to navigate drain and septic lines. The easiest protectionfor your pipes is the use of rigid styrofoam to insulate the house foundation to seal all gaps and cracks allowing the penetration of cold air.

• Set your thermostat at the minimum of 55° F.

• Close the crawl spaces to prevent the cold air infiltrating your home through open areas and freezing home pipes.

• Wrap the water lines beneath the house using insulation and heat tape. Request a plumbing professional to wrap the water pipes with foam pipe insulation material. Contractors sometimes call the material donkey dick. Plumbers have the expertise to slit down the pipe insulation into crawl spaces.

Moving the Water Lines Indoors

Eventually, you may need to reline your pipes as the ultimate and lasting solution to the perennially frozen winter months water lines. If you realize the problem occurs because the pipes lie in cold areas, why not relocate the water network to a warm place indoors?

Voila! Use Fans to avoid the Winter Catastrophe

Installation of heating fans can help to prevent frozen piping. When the fans drive warm air into the crawl space from the basement raises the temperature of the nearby pipes. Further, opening the cabinet doors lets in warm air flow into the crawl area.

You can choose foam board, fiberglass insulation or closed-cell spray foam insulation to wrap your crawl space pipes. Do not wait for the extremely cold winter weather to wreak havoc. Implement preventative measure early enough.

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