General Electric Picks Atlanta for Digital Operations Center

One of the best things about living in the Atlanta area is knowing that your city is going through a fantastic boom for businesses. One of the most relevant stories from the past few days concerns the multi-national corporation General Electric. It appears the energy company is committed to opening a global digital operations center in the Atlanta are. This $3 million project will create close to 300 new jobs in the Midtown region of Atlanta.general-electric-GE-stock-promo

The center GE is planning to open is over 30,000 square feet, and will play a major role in the company’s new Internet initiative. They are looking to establish a base where they can get support for the company’s Global Infrastructure operations. The first round of hiring will include system admins, engineers, customer support workers and other employees.

Atlanta is not the only place where GE is opening a new work center, with Miami, Florida, and Providence, Rhode Island also featuring similar projects. However, the projects in both of those cities are significantly smaller than the one being undertaken in Atlanta, GA.

For their part, government officials in the Atlanta area are not commenting on the specifics regarding where this 30,000 square foot center will open. We know the center is opening in Midtown, but economic development officials are not being specific about the location. GE is being fairly open about their plans, with a spokesperson saying that the company already has a presence in Alpharetta, which is where they will start to assemble a team with immediate effect.


There are some possible sites in the Midtown area where GE could open their center. Coda is a possibility, as it is a 750,000 square foot office tower that is currently under construction in the Town Square. This tower is specifically targeting Big Data companies, with its proximity to Georgia Tech also providing some advantages for companies who are looking to recruit interns or new hires from the nearby college.

But this building is not going to be ready until 2019. It remains to be seen whether GE would move into a temporary location and wait for the building to open up, or whether they are adamant on securing a permanent home by the end of 2017.

General Electric seems very excited about their plans to open the facility in Atlanta. The company’s spokesperson also went on to say the company was looking forward to recruiting talent from the local universities and colleges in the area. There are also plenty of community career development programs where talented individuals go to find suitable jobs. Finding technology talent in the Atlanta area should not be a problem for GE.

Incidentally, Atlanta was also in the running to host GE’s global headquarters, but eventually lost out on that front to Boston, MA.


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