8 Pieces of Equipment Every Rugby Player Should Own

Rugby is not a sport that requires much equipment. This is one of the reasons rugby players love the sport. It is a sport that players depend mostly on their physical ability and skill. However, there are a number of equipment pieces that should be in the bag of every rugby player.


mouthguard should be owned by every rugby player. The appearance of a mouthguard is not very important but comfortability and protection are key. A good mouthguard will protect the teeth and jaw while participating in rugby.

Water Bottle

It is important to stay hydrated while participating in rugby. Keep a full water bottle to assure that water is always accessible to you.

Medical Kit

Minor injuries are pretty much guaranteed when participating in rugby. Rugby players should keep a medical kit on hand to immediately address these injuries when they occur. Serious injuries will require the attention of a medical professional.

Rain Gear

Rugby is practiced and played outside. Players will not want to be in wet clothes for two hours while practicing or playing the sport they love. These wet conditions can also cause illness when it is cold outside. Not much can be done during organized games but a rain jacket should be worn during wet conditions while training. You can also wear water-resistant pants to assure you remain dry from head to toe.

Kicking Tee

The search of a rugby player to find the perfect kicking tee is similar to a search for good footwear. Every player will have their own set of preferences. Tees come in an assortment of sizes and provide for quite different kicking experiences. Players should find a tee they are confident in and put in the practice necessary to master kicking from the tee.

A Lacrosse Or Tennis Ball

These balls are both used for other sports but are extremely helpful to ease the soreness of muscles. Use these balls to massage areas of the body experiencing muscle soreness or tightness.

Ball Pump

An experienced rugby player will never show up to practice or a match with a deflated ball. You should keep a ball pump in your bag at all times.

Shoulder Pads

Rugby players take pride in their toughness. It is often seen as a badge of courage to not wear pads. However, if you are prone to shoulder injuries, you should not hesitate to pad this area of your body. This is especially suggested for young rugby players with still-developing bodies.

Rugby play does not require a major investment in equipment. However, the eight equipment pieces above will provide the safety and convenience necessary to enhance the enjoyment of all rugby players.

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