8 Helpful Tips for the First Day at the Gun Range

It is notable that after deciding to visit the gun range for the very first time, many first timers report they were very apprehensive about shooting for the first time. They were however pleasantly surprised after they first visited the gun range.

Although guns must be respected and handled with extra care at all times, there is little to be afraid of if you are shooting at a reputable shooting facility, particularly if you are getting instructions from an experienced firearms instructor. Listed below are eight helpful tips to make your shooting experience as rewarding and fun as possible on your first day at the gun range.

1. Before picking up a gun, take a firearms safety lesson
For safety reasons, looking into and taking gun safety classes before you can even think of shooting at a firing range is important. Getting a hands-on look when it comes to how firearms function and gun safety ways before standing at the firing line is of extreme importance.

2. Acquire suitable and fitting ear and eye protection
Although such protection gear is usually available at most gun ranges for rent, buying your own ensures you get a perfect fit, which enhances the level of protection.

3. Find an instructor
On your first visit to the gun range, let the instructor know your specific level of skill and what you aim to accomplish.

4. Learn the art of squaring up your sights
Placing the front blade into the rear sight’s notch is not enough, and you will have to learn the proper way of squaring up your sights and how to develop a consistent picture in your sight when engaging a target. You also need to understand the art of holding the gun to your body and the reacquisition of a sight picture after the recoil.

5. Develop a gun grip that is consistent and repeatable
Although your main support hand does not require a vise-like grip, the supplemental hand ought to exert firm pressure on the grip.

6. Choose a caliber most suitable for you as a first-time shooter
When it comes to shooting, a small caliber semi-auto pistol makes for an excellent choice for most first timers seeing as you may have a little fun and mar the overall shooting experience due to blisters on your fingers and sore hands as a result of trying out the more advanced gun models.

7. Expect loudness
Most first time shooters are shocked to discover how noisy indoor shooting ranges can be, even when using high-quality ear protection. Preparing for this noise and the concussive blast that usually accompanies a shot is important.

8. Learn how to pull the trigger
After you determine that a gun is not loaded, dry fire it in a safe environment. Dry firing helps you to learn about shooting a gun without the compounding blast that accompanies a firing gun.

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