8 Fun Ways to Keep Your Child’s Brain Active This Summer

Summer is for learning! Just because school is out, doesn’t mean your kids have to take a break from their education. You don’t have to drill them on math problems or spelling words to keep them sharp. Summer learning can not only be fun, it can be memorable!

Field Trips

You don’t have to load your kids up into a smelly old bus to go on a field trip. There are many destinations you can reach locally that are educational for your child. Consider taking a trip to the library, the zoo, or the museum. This study from the University of Arkansas can give you an idea of just how well kids remember these trips. Not to mention all the family memories you’ll make!

Read for Fun

Encourage your kids to read through the summer. You can sign them up for summer reading programs at your local library, or join a book club. If you can make the time, it’s also great to read a chapter book to your kids that is slightly above their reading level. This will help them retain their skills, increase their vocabulary, and advance their reading levels.

Trips to the Store

The grocery store is a math class your kids will use every day of their lives as adults. Get them in on comparing prices and figuring totals. Ask them which items are on sale and let them help make decisions.

Piggy Bank Strategies

Teach your kids about finances by helping them start a savings account. Bonus: Let them do some chores for cash.

Arts and Crafts

Coloring is great, but you can encourage creativity by learning a new craft with your child. It’s fun for them to know that parents are always learning too!

Take your Kid to Work

If your workplace is safe and kid friendly, take your kids along and let them see what you do every day. Learn about the advantages of job shadowing.


Sports keep kids healthy, and they have to think strategy as well. Teach your kids about physical health in the process.

Grow a Garden

Make an easy container garden your kids can help with. An early start on healthy nutrition is key to a healthy life. Besides, they can taste what they grow!

Summer doesn’t have to be downtime. Every moment is teachable! Show your kids the world and share your knowledge with them. With everything kids learn in school, they learn the most from their parents. You are their ultimate teacher, so get creative and enjoy these years!

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