7 Ideas for increasing your Call Center’s Efficiency

Call center workers are more apt to work more efficiently when they are treated with warmth and respect from their bosses. It’s been found in recent studies that workers who enjoy their supervisors have increased performance. There are other ways to improve call center performance.

Workflow and Clear Processes
There should be clear processes for employees to follow. When there’s a chain of command along with a guided flow of work, employees are less likely to make errors. When there’s a workflow created by professionals, those with less training will still be able to perform their job duties as well as workers who are more experienced.

Routing Based on Skills
When you have two workers with very different skills, it makes sense to route calls based on their level of expertise. If one is adept at handling customer complaints and the other excels at quick order taking, calls that speak to their skills should be routed to them individually. This requires a phone system that allows departments to be differentiated.

Mentoring and Coaching
Those new to the company or new to call center work in general can be monitored. When calls are monitored by a mentor, the new agent will feel less nervous. They’ll have a safety net with an experienced supervisor listening in to the phone call. The new agent can be coached and guided during and after the call.

Listen to the Agents
Workers are more efficient when they feel like their bosses value their input. They’re also the first ones to notice when problems arise or if a system is flawed. There should be a process for collecting feedback and implementing new ideas based on worker feedback. It helps boost morale as well as motivation.

Reward Performers
When someone has consistently done great work, they should be rewarded accordingly. This should be done with some kind of reward that others will strive to achieve too. It could be a monetary bonus at the end of the month, or a prized day off with pay for high performers.

Reinforce Good Practices
A worker who handles phone calls efficiently should be held as an example for others. It can help to have a monthly meeting with workers to play examples of good phone calls to understand what makes them successful. Others will be able to see real-life examples.

Call Monitoring
Call centers should tread lightly when monitoring their workers. Most calls are recorded, but if the boss is constantly critiquing and criticizing, it can lead to employee dissatisfaction. Make sure there’s a good purpose behind the monitoring.

Agents are the biggest asset of a call center. Treating them fairly and rewarding them for positive behavior can go a long way towards increasing efficiency.

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