7 Bathroom Trends & How-To Use Them In A Remodel Design

Home improvement is one of the most fascinating and popular industries on earth. This specific field of work brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis. Most homeowners tend to update their homes at some point in time, and updating your home can add significant value. Any room in a house can be remodeled, but the bathroom is probably one of the most popular rooms to renovate because it’s smaller in size. There are many tips, techniques and tricks that can breathe new life into your bathroom and this is how.

1. Paint can be your best friend, and paint can make a room feel bigger. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom for an updated appearance, then you should definitely create the perception of more size without ever having to do any structural work. This means that you won’t necessarily have to teardown any walls or reconfigure any windows. White, powder blue and yellow are popular colors because light will actually bounce around instead of being absorbed by darker tones.

2. Change your flooring for better, overall aesthetics. Flooring is very versatile, and it comes in many different materials such as laminate, hardwood, carpet, tile and stone. Of course, your budget will definitely play a role here. These flooring items can come in various colors, can be custom fitted for a perfect fit and can have heated attributes to keep your feet toasty.

3. Vanity lighting can add sophistication to any room, and the bathroom is no exception. For 2018, many homeowners have opted for a diverse range of lighting schemes. Dimmers can create a more relaxed and luxurious atmosphere while creative lighting techniques can be used to illuminate certain objects such as stainless steel faucets.

4. Bold accent walls can surely spice things up by creating contrast. Wall accents come in numerous designs and styles. Homeowners can renovate just one wall to make a defining statement. This means that two or three walls can be painted a solid color, and the last wall can be textured, can have a woodgrain appearance or can display a sparkling design.

5. Incorporate a backsplash for more depth, sophistication and style. Backsplash can liven-up the most outdated bathrooms. Homeowners can use this material behind the faucets and around the cabinets. To make things easier, backsplash comes in glass tile, faux tile and stick-on laminate.

6. Storage is the key to a more aesthetic looking bathroom. Since bathrooms are generally small, try replacing older, more heavier cabinets for slimmer cabinets. Heck, you can even implement custom-built cabinets for a sleeker look, but be aware of budget costs.

7. Remove unnecessary clutter from your bathroom. Lets be honest for a second. Many bathrooms are simply too junkie and cluttered. Stacks of towels, countless rolls of toilet paper and copious amounts of bottled-medicines tend to be right at arms length. Cut the clutter by removing these items out of sight, or your bathroom will continue to look like an eyesore.

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