6 Workouts You Need to Try This Summer

Whether you’ve been working out all year long or are intent on getting your summer body back before the hottest days are here, summertime gives you the perfect opportunity to develop an air-tight workout routine.

The Summer Workout

A summer workout routine is all about intentionality, focus, and stamina. By consistently putting in the work, you’ll soon see the result that you’re long since hoped for. Keep reading to learn about some of the best workouts for building a summer body.

1. Hanging Leg Lifts

This exercise¬†incorporates leg lifts with a chin-up bar. Start by hanging from the bar, keeping your hands on a shoulder length apart. Keeping your feet off the floor with your back straight, you’ll then lift both knees, allowing your thighs to remain parallel with the floor. You will hold your position for around one to two seconds, ending the leg lift by lowering both legs.

2. Inverted Pulsating Abs

This ab workout is perfect for attaining your six-pack goals. You’ll begin by raising a sit-up bench to the highest angle. Next, you’ll place your feet inside the supports, lying flat along the bench. Your arms must be extended so they are perpendicular with your torso.

Be sure to keep your back straight, lifting your shoulders, neck, and head slowly off the bench about two or three inches. This position should be held for one to two seconds, ending with you lowering yourself towards the bench.

3. Reverse Curls for Lower Abs

Use the sit-up bench to perform these reverse curls.
This time, rest your head against the foot supports. Your knees should be bent to the point that your heals reach your buttocks. Then, raise both legs to your chest as much as possible, holding this position for approximately one to two seconds.

4. Full-Range Freestyle Sit-ups

Start by laying flat on the floor. Bend both knees into a right angle, raising them through the ear as you extend both arms. Next, reach forward and touch your toes, finishing by rolling back on the floor.

5. Russian Twists

Russian twists are a great exercise for building your abs. Begin by laying on your back. Move into a sit-up position, twisting your torso towards the left side then the right as your arms remain parallel to the floor.

6. The Plank

The plank is one of the most popular exercises for strengthening the core. Perform the plank by propping yourself up on both elbows, holding your position as long as possible.

These six exercises are a great way to get you locked and loaded for the summer. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, use these six exercises as a guide to challenge yourself this summer.

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