6 Ways Your House Gutters Could Be Draining Your Wallet

Keeping your gutters maintained and working properly can save you money. You might not be aware, but gutters can cause serious problems and be a drain on your wallet when not maintained or installed properly.

Flooding into the Basement
One of the most obvious problems with gutters is when they don’t drain water away from the home. This allows water to pool against the foundation of the home. When water seeps through the foundation, it can flood the basement. Even small bursts of rain showers can cause moisture to leak into the basement and mildew and mold develops.

Oversaturated Gardens
Many people make the mistake of putting a garden too close to the home. When the downspouts aren’t draining, it will soak into the soil of the garden. Gardens are meant to retain moisture, but when they’re oversaturated, it can mean problems with the foundation as well as dead plants.

Seeping Through Walls
Water that doesn’t drain through the downspouts at all can seep down the side of the house. It can creep behind the siding and find the cracks leading into the home. Wet drywall can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once water gets into the walls, it can be tough to clean or remove it. The entire drywall will need to be replaced.

Along the Roof
In serious storms with lots of rain, the water can sit along the roofline causing havoc with the roof. A sloped roof is supposed to let water drain from it. Puddles of water soaking the roofline can cause tiles and shingles to peel away from theĀ roof. It can rot the wood too.

Puddles for Mosquitoes
The downspouts should be draining all the water at least 5 to 6 feet from the home. When it doesn’t, puddles will develop. Puddles can collect in pots, buckets and decorations near the gutters. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In the summer, this could translate to money out of your pocket to pay for sprays and repellants.

Eroding Spots for Termites
Along with rotting wood and soaked drywall, rain that soaks into the side of the home can become a place for termites. It exposes wood that would normally be covered. It can cost hundreds if not thousands in repairs and dealing with an infestation.

Properly working gutters can relieve much of the problems mentioned above. When water drains the required distance away from the home, there is no soaked roofline or leaks into the home. It’s vital that the gutters are checked routinely for issues, so they can be repaired. It costs more to ignore gutters than to replace or repair them when there’s a problem.

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