6 Ways to Encourage Workplace Diversity

A diverse workforce can be beneficial for both employers and employees. Employers win because they get a variety of backgrounds that can help when doing business both domestically and overseas. Employees win because they learn about a variety of cultures and gain experience working with those who may have different ideas and viewpoints. What are some things that companies can do to encourage diversity in the workplace?

Make Diversity a Priority When Hiring

You can’t have a diverse workforce if you aren’t looking for diversity in your hiring decisions. While you can’t favor a specific gender or race over when filling positions, you should be able to find qualified workers who look, think and speak differently from each other.

Make Diversity a Priority When Choosing Workers for Advancement Opportunities

A good company will promote people of all backgrounds to leadership positions within the organization. Therefore, make it a point to find qualified workers of different faiths, national origins or genders when picking department managers or other leaders within company.

Encourage Diversity of Thought

Diversity isn’t all about hiring and promoting people who look or sound different from each other. In some cases, diversity of thought may help a company better achieve its goals. This may mean that a liberal leaning company hires a conservative thinker or vice versa.

Hold Workshops For Underrepresented Groups

The best way to encourage diversity is to make it seem as normal as possible. This means reaching out to minorities or others as teens or while they are in college. Doing so could make your company their first choice when looking for work, which may make it easier for your organization to attract a diverse group of employees.

Get Rid of Those Who Don’t Believe In Diversity

There are some folks who don’t believe that a minority or a woman should be doing their job. While those people are entitled to their beliefs, they are not entitled to remain employed. By creating a culture where diversity is respected, it increases the odds that the company can retain minorities and others who add value.

Show How Much You Care About Diversity

Employees will take their cues from their managers or company owners. By showing how much you care about diversity, it is likely that your workers will follow suit. Even if they are following your lead because they have to, it still helps to set a tone that diversity is to be celebrated in your organization.

Diverse companies tend to be successful companies. While it may be a culture shock for some at first, they will get over it rather quickly once they learn how much everyone has in common regardless of where they came from.

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