6 Clothing Items Every College Graduate Should Own

College can be an amazing time for students, but it’s also a time of focusing on school and socializing primarily. In other words, sometimes, wardrobes for the professional world need to be revamped once graduation occurs. The following 6 clothing items will help to flesh out a professional wardrobe for any recent college graduate.

1. A Suit

Yes, even women should own a suit. It might not be a pantsuit, but a skirt with a matching blazer will do. Men, on the other hand, should have a professional looking suit with a matching blazer and slacks. This is the appropriate outfit for both men and women to wear to any job or graduate school interview.

2. A Collared Shirt for Beneath the Suit

Naturally, something needs to be worn beneath the suit as well. A collared shirt in a neutral color is the perfect option. White or off white always work well. Black, tan and light blue are also good options.

3. Nice Leather Shoes

Of course, men and women will require different styles of shoes, but again, it’s important that these be presentable, conservative shoes that can be worn to an interview.

4. A Professional Briefcase

At interviews or for the first day on the job, papers are necessary. For example, it’s important to bring your resume to an initial interview. Bringing these papers in a briefcase is best. Most of the best briefcases are made of leather and come in tan, brown or black.

5. A Dress Coat

Again, it’s important to look professional and presentable going forward. If you live in a climate where a winter or even a spring coat is necessary, make sure that you have a nice-looking option. Pea coats or wool coats of any kind will trump puffy down coats any day. In a less cold climate, look for a classic trench.

6. A Nice Watch

This clothing element is optional, but it can be a nice touch to a professional look. In fact, it’s a great graduation gift that can be given from mentors, parents or grandparents. A classic-looking, leather band or gold or silver band watch looks good with just about any outfit. Naturally, we don’t need watches for the time anymore because we have smartphones, but it’s still a classic accessory to help you look more professional.

College clothes are considerably different than clothes meant for the professional world. In fact, sometimes, it’s best to go through your entire wardrobe before you leave college for good and enter the professional world. It’s sad to say, but sweatpants, jeans and sweatshirts simply won’t cut it. With the six clothing items listed above, however, you’ll be all set to join the workforce looking sharp and with lots of confidence.

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