5 Ways to Modify Your Car’s Suspension

Car suspensions are vital parts of a car. A good car suspension helps you drive your car with comfort, control and confidence. You can drive at high speeds, accelerate easily and brake quickly to avoid accidents. Your car suspension can be modified to suit the way you drive and your specific needs.

  1. Strut Tower Brace Modification 
    The strut tower brace is a metal bar that is placed extending from one front strut to the other. The brace is suspended over the front of the car engine. When you modify your suspension with a strut tower brace, the car becomes more responsive and tighter when it is being driven hard. Some cars flex when you take corners. A strut tower brace will prevent this flexing.
  2. Performance Coilovers 
    Shock absorbers covered with coil spring are called coilovers. Most cars come with coilovers that give comfort and that lower the cost of the car. You can modify your suspension by adding performance coilovers that have springs and shock absorbers that work together. You can set the performance coilover according to your unique requirements and they will improve the quality of your ride.
  3. Tires 
    Modifying your tires and wheels to suit the way you drive is a benefit. You can get a big enough wheel that easily fits the wheel well that gives you enough clearance without rubbing the lip. The tires should be wide and low profile and suit the wheels to make handing the car easier.
  4. Springs 
    You can modify the rear springs in your car by getting springs that have a higher spring rate. These springs have more strength and will stand in an upright position on the road. These springs will help to distribute the weight of the car evenly and steering the car will be much easier.
  5. Anti-Roll Bars 
    These bars are also called stabilizer bars. They help to prevent the car from swaying from side to side. Some cars come with stabilizer bars. Adding stabilizer bars to a car that does not have them will make the ride stiffer and handling easier. If you want a soft ride you can remove the pre-fitted stabilizer bar if any. You must keep in mind that handling a car can be difficult without anti-roll bars. Anti-roll bars help you keep control effectively in wet weather conditions.

Modifying your suspension according to the way you drive and keeping the safety and comfort of the drive in view will give you long-term benefits. You can improve the performance of your car, the car will give optimum performance for a longer time and driving your care will be comfortable once you modify the suspension to suit your needs.

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