5 Unique Tech Accessories that are Changing the Marketplace

Today’s marketplace is undergoing a rapid and dramatic change. Spurred by the shift forces, clients are becoming more knowledgeable, and product selections are burgeoning rapidly. Technological advances are leading to a new flow of knowledge, information, and resources. Technologies are transforming the way we communicate, do our jobs, drive our cars, and operate our homes. Tech accessories debut to the market on a regular basis. Some improve the functionality of an existing hardware while others complement it.

1. A luggage tracker

Incidents of losing or misplacing bags are common among travelers. The process of trying to recover the bags happens to be nerve-racking and tedious. Luggage trackers are eliminating that frustration. Most trackers are palm-sized and can perfectly fit into bags of different sizes. A Trakdot tracker contains an inbuilt GSM chip that updates you on its newest destination. However, you must be at the same location. When this tracker is approximately 30 feet from you, it will send an alert to your Android or iOS phone. Trakdot tracker has a yearly, twice yearly, or lifetime subscription fee.

2. A portable battery

Over the years, the battery life of smartphones has improved tremendously. Today, iOS and Android contain inbuilt power modes. However, you still need a portable battery, especially when you are traveling. A high-quality portable battery can charge your phone several times before it runs out of power. Some have several USB ports for concurrent charging.

3. A multi-purpose travel router

If you are planning to stay in a hotel that has a wired Internet connection, it is imperative to carry your travel router. In addition to offering you a safer browsing experience, the multi-purpose router contains two USB ports, which allow you to charge your devices. You can also stream movies and songs from your external hard drive by plugging it into one of the router’s USB ports. The router offers a mind-blowing personal in-flight entertainment.

4. A Kindle

If you are a passionate traveler and reader, a Kindle can be an excellent accessory for you. With a Kindle, you can store soft copy of hundreds of your favorite books. Choose a device that has a high-resolution screen coupled with built-in backlights.

5. A waterproof phone case

If you are planning to spend your vacation around a lot of beaches and pools, you should consider protecting your phone with a case that can endure getting wet. You should order your case via reputable online stores.

Devices such as laptops and smartphone are pillars of your digital life. However, they cannot be powerful without tech accessories. Therefore, you should acquire accessories that enable you to enjoy your digital devices to the maximum. Tech accessories allow you to remain productive and help you to relax.

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