5 Tips for Sending Out Party Invitations

Are you looking to throw a party in the near future and are in the planning stages? One of the most important things you can do is send out party invitations. If you don’t send any invitations out, you most likely will have no one in attendance other than your immediate household. You could send an invitation by email or through social media, but nothing beats an in hand paper invitation. Here are a few tips for sending out paper party invitations.


  1. Give Enough Time:

When sending out invitations for a party, make sure you allow enough time so people can plan. It is also a benefit for you as it will give people enough time to respond and let you know if they will be able to attend or not. Depending on the gathering you would need to send the invitations out anywhere from 1 week to 3 months ahead of time.

  1. Provide Essential Details:

There are specific details that you need to include on your invitations. You need to give enough information so the event can be understood. Details that are needed depend on the type of party or event, but some things you should include would be:

  1. Time of party – When the party will start and when the party will end.
  2. Plus one – You must list if the invitation is for them alone, or if they are permitted to bring a guest.
  3. What to bring – If you are throwing a potluck and everyone needs a dish to pass, it is important to mention that. If you are throwing a kids party and there is a theme and costumes are involved it would be important to mention that.
  4. No gifts – If you are having a party for an event where gifts are customary like a wedding or birthday and you don’t want gifts it is important to mention that on the invitation.
  5. Food – Food can be an important part to an event. Some people need to know specifics due to food allergies or there may be special dietary needs. You may want to provide a menu or if you are doing only appetizers mention that. That way people can get a snack or eat beforehand if the food options don’t meet their needs.
  6. Address – Include written instructions on how to get to the event, as well as provide a small map.
  7. Dress Code – If the event requires formal dress, a costume or is casual, it is worth mentioning. You don’t want any of your guests to feel uncomfortable for not being dressed for the occasion.
  1. Make Them Legible:

If part of the invitations are printed and you fill in the rest with handwriting – make sure that people can read your hand writing or you will receive a lot of questions.

  1. Include a RSVP Card:

Include a RSVP card with an envelope already addressed back to you with a stamp attached. If you prep this ahead of time, you are more likely to receive the RSVP cards back.

  1. Check Spelling and Grammar:

Before mailing out your invitations take another look to ensure that correct spelling and grammar is being used.


When sending out paper invitations, there are quite a few things to consider. If you follow these tips, you should have the perfect invitations to send out for your party.

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