5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Location

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding can be one of the most stressful and exciting decisions of the whole process. Check out the list below for tips on finding your ideal wedding location.

1. Choose a Theme

This is the number one most important thing when deciding on where to hold your wedding. If you’re planning a black-tie wedding, probably don’t book a rustic barn venue. In the same vein, a wedding with a soft, romantic feeling wouldn’t seem right if it was held in a stark urban loft. You want to convey your love story through all parts of your wedding, so make sure that the theme and the venue fit you and your partner’s personality as a couple.

2. Take a Tour

While your dream location may look great in photos online, it’s important to actually go visit it yourself before locking down a reservation. Be sure to book your tour during the same time of day as your wedding. This will let you really see the vibe and lighting the venue will have during your big day. This is also the time to ask lots of questions to ensure that the venue has everything you are looking for and won’t give you any surprises when the bill comes.

3. Know Your Limits

Before you even start looking up location ideas, create your wedding budget. That way, venues that are way out of your price range won’t even make the short list, just to break your heart later. Also have a rough estimate of your number of guests. It doesn’t have to be exact yet, but trying to squeeze hundreds of guests into a quaint venue could lead to an uncomfortable wedding or uncomfortable guest list cuts.

4. Consider Your Guests

Before booking a venue, consider if any of your guests have mobility issues. Some venues may not have accessibility ramps or elevators and this could be a problem if you really want Grandma to attend your wedding. Similarly, how far away is parking from the actual location and can all your guests walk that far? If any of your guests have food allergies or dietary preferences, be sure to ask if your venue’s catering can accommodate these.

5. Have a Backup

No one wants to think of the worst-case scenario situation when planning her big day, but it’s a necessary step to creating a stress-free wedding. If you plan on using an outdoor location, ask the venue what their bad weather backup plan is. Do you go into a building or put up tents? Can you practice both scenarios at your rehearsal? Even if you book an indoor venue, it’s a good idea to have another location in mind on the off chance that something disastrous happens like a fire.

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