5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Grocery Store

Going to the grocery store is a weekly task for most people. Sometimes, people make multiple trips to the grocery store each week. With so much time spent in the store, you might think that you know every detail of how it works. However, you might not be aware of these five things about grocery stores.

1. Shopping Carts Are Getting Bigger
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Shopping carts at grocery stores really are getting bigger. While those extra-large carts are great for buying five cases of bottled water, they might also cause you to fill them up with more food than you intended to buy. The more empty space there is in your cart, the more your brain tries to tell you to buy things to fill it up.

2. The Layout Is Strategic
The typical person makes the same path through the grocery store every time they visit. It is unlikely that a person will walk in and only visit the aisles containing the intended items of on the grocery list. Most people meander through the store, checking out the seasonal items, and the colorful produce. Seeing the produce as some of the first items in the store makes you feel healthy and good, and often results in you buying more.

3. Someone Can Do Your Shopping for You
Doing a weekly grocery run for a family of two adults and two or three children could easily take two hours when you consider driving to the store, shopping, standing in the checkout line, paying, loading your car, coming home and unloading your car. You might not have known that your grocery store could do the shopping for you. Most groceries now offer services where you submit your list through their website, an employee puts your order together and you pick it up at a predetermined time.

4. Deal Limits Trigger Your Natural Instincts
Before people came across grocery stores filled with foods, it was often difficult to get enough to eat. Some grocery stores work on your natural instinct to stock a supply of food by offering limited time or quantity limits on certain products. A “Wednesday only” sale might inspire you to make an extra visit to the store. Limiting you to six gallons of orange juice when you only wanted one anyway might make you want to get all six.

5. The Music Makes You Stay Longer
Grocery stores often have background music playing over the speakers. The speakers are located all over the store. Researchers have found that the music makes you stay in the store for a longer amount of time. It calms your brain and helps you to feel welcome.

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