5 Simple Solutions to Save Money on Lighting

Lights are more expensive than many people believe. They make up about one fifth of the average home’s energy use, so they are responsible for a large part of the monthly power bill. The cost of new bulbs can also add up surprisingly quickly. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to cut down on the expense without giving up any light.

Install LED Bulbs

LED lights are the latest trend in the field, and they can save a lot of money. The biggest financial benefit comes from the fact that they use less energy than other light bulbs. They also last many years longer than any of the alternatives, so people who use them do not need to replace their bulbs very often. LED bulbs do cost more to purchase than most other light bulbs, but their long-term savings are sufficient to make up for the difference fairly quickly, especially for people who run their lights for long periods of time each day.

Automated Switches

Automated lighting is a major part of most smart home designs. These systems can program lights to turn on or off at specific times during the day, which ensures that people do not waste energy by forgetting to turn them off. Some of them also include smart dimmer systems that can reduce the intensity of the light to save even more energy when maximum brightness is not required.

Supplementing with Daylight

Electricity may be expensive, but sunlight is completely free. You can reduce your energy bill by simply keeping your windows clean and uncovered when the sun is shining. This will often provide enough light near the windows to make artificial lighting unnecessary during the day. You may need to move a few seats closer to the windows, but that requires minimal work for meaningful savings.

Consolidated Rooms

Reducing the number of lights that you use at once will reduce the cost of lighting. You can do that by consolidating as much of your furniture as possible into relatively small areas, so that people can share lights more effectively. This takes some careful planning to make sure everyone has enough space, but it can be highly rewarding when it goes well.

Sound Detection

In an ideal world, people would also turn off the lights when they leave a room. Unfortunately, people sometimes forget to do that, or they are too lazy to walk over to a switch. You can help to work around that fact by installing a sound detector that can turn lights on or off when people clap. That makes it easy to turn the lights off, and the clapping can develop into a habit that ensures people remember to do it.

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