5 Low-Cost Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Donor List

Non-profit organizations exist to help others in need. Working or volunteering for a non-profit is a rewarding experience like no other. However, to keep the organization healthy, you need donors willing to donate money to the cause.
Non-profits run on a tight budget, so it is important to find free or inexpensive ways to market their cause. The following five ways will help your organization gain donors without taking critical funds away from where it is needed most.

Have a Website with a Blog

An online presence for all things related to an organization is an absolute must. Today it is critical for a non-profit to have a website. Websites provide information, accept donations, and keep donors up-to-date 24/7.
A blog on the website also helps market your non-profit to a larger audience. It does so by boosting search engine results. This allows more people to find your organization’s website and helps bring in more donors over time.

Social Media

Social media is a non-profit’s greatest free and low-cost tool to attract donors. Today, the majority of donors have some form of online presence. The great news is that most social media accounts are usually free, easy to market, and easy to maintain.
They allow you to attract new donors that are not aware of your organization or its mission. They also give a non-profit the opportunity to share where their funds go. This goes a long way to support your cause and get more donors involved.

Text-to-Give Campaigns

Creating a Text-to-Give campaign is a convenient way for people to donate to your cause. Your prospective donors simply have to text the amount they wish to give to a specified number. The donation is then added to their cell phone bill. It is a quick and easy way for organizations to receive funds quickly and with little effort.

Tax Documents and Reminders

Many people will donate if they have a personal reason to donate. A tax write-off is the perfect incentive to get the ball rolling. When a new donor realizes that they will benefit from donating, they are more likely to give and will give more money when they do.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing has come a long way. Business email services make it easier than ever to personalize mass emails and sort recipients into batches.
These services keep track of successful campaigns to new donors to help you discover which emails worked best to attract donors. This will help you get the best results from your campaigns.
There are many low-cost options to help your organization attract new donors. Embrace technology and keep donors and potential donors informed and give them the convenience to donate more money, more often.

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