5 Great Cigars For The Fall Season

Most people smoke a lot during cold seasons than in hotter ones, and even if there are considerable bans and limitations against smoking, cigar lovers usually find their own way of enjoying their favorite cigars. Whenever time and weather seems to permit, always grab your cigar, favorite drink and be ready to relax. Sometimes you may not know the best brand to buy, or you are a beginner in this game and do not know at all what cigar to buy. The list below provides you with the best five cigars that you can enjoy during the autumn or the fall season.

1. Montecristo White Beliscoso
This cigar is better-taken post-breakfast to enjoy its creamy flavor that is harmonized with a mild spice to emphasize on its modeling work. The cigars are wrapped with a Connecticut shade wrapper and are usually preferred by mild-mannered smokers because it is neither bitter nor overwhelming when being smoked. You can have a greater experience with Montecristo white beliscoso if taken together with cappuccino and due to its mildness; a newbie can also enjoy this cigar.

2. Avo Syncro Nicaragua Fogata
This cigar is very nice when you are feeling down and wants to jumpstart your vigor. It is known for its wild complexity and extra-ordinary accord that pushes you to a deep and untamed peace of mind. The cigar is made from strong leaves in Nicaragua region and these leaves are hardened using Dominican leaves. The recipe is the completed by wrapping the mixture with habano 2000 wrapper and folded using Negro San Andreas binder. This blend produces a mixed flavor of coffee, spice, leather and other earthly flavors that make it exciting to smoke.

3. Cohiba Macassa
Cohiba Macassar is one brand of cigar that has built its popular name for decades. It originated from Cuba and is today blended with the Cohiba Nicaragua to give a better taste and quality. The cigars are made from a collection of different insane tobaccos, and even if they a little wide compared to other cigars people still find them interesting. The cigars have a Havana wrapper and are folded using a Connecticut broadleaf binder. Once smoked, it produces a blended fusion of white pepper, wood, coffee, and cedar savor.

4. Davidoff Nicaragua
Davidoff Nicaragua is one of the cigars that you smoke when you are eager about something new and exciting. It’s made of all Nicaragua tobaccos and produces a flavor that is beyond explanation, which clarifies why one would take it to discover something new. It is made from the vintage leaves from Condega, Esteli, and Ometepe in Nicaragua. It comes with a Nicaraguan Rosado wrapper and is folded using a rich Jalapa binder making it complexity a top notch. The cigar burns all the ways slowly to its nub.

5. Tatuaje Cojonu
Tatuaje Cojonu is a cigar that is renowned for its rich flavor, deliciousness and balanced perfection. People who take this cigar associate it with boldness. Tatuaje cojonu has a strong earthy flavor, is made from aged fillers and wrapped with the stout broadleaf wrapper. One box of the brand holds 25 cigars.

Cigars are fun to enjoy even for newbies. If you are not sure of the brand to buy, it is good to consult with experienced friend smokers or choose from the list above.

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