5 Easy Tips for Fishing Beginners

New fisherman looking to get their start in the sport can follow these five easy tips to help them succeed when hitting the water for the first time.

Know fishing equipment and what it does – new fisherman should read as much as they can about different types of fishing equipment and how the equipment operates. Beginning with the rod and reel, there are great resources to learn the different weights and actions of rods as well open bail, bait casting, line counting and other types of reels. New fisherman should also learn the different weights and materials that fishing line is made from and usages for each type of line. Last to learn is the wide array of baits and lures that can be used to catch fish.

Research the body of water – in books, magazines or the internet, there is a wealth of information on every body of water that a fisherman can fish. By studying a lake, a new fisherman can learn the species of fish that roam the waters, types of vegetation in the body, depths and even fishing tips for the piece of water.

Get to learn the target species – any new fisherman should think about their target species. The United States alone has hundreds of species of fish that are available for anglers to catch, with each one having its own unique traits that make them all different to fish for. From small, tasty panfish like the bluegill or crappie and up to the largest sport fish, there is a species that is suitable for every fisherman.

Talk to people – as the old tale goes, fishermen are the biggest liars there are. While it may be true that some fishermen stretch the truth on their catch of the day, most are more than willing to give tips and pointers to a new fisherman. Talking to people at the local bait shop or boat landing can go a long way in helping a new fisherman learn new tactics to catch more fish.

Find a fishing buddy – perhaps the best tip to help a new fisherman get acclimated to the sport and become a better fisherman is to find a fishing buddy to tag along with. By spending time on the water with an experienced fisherman, the rookie can learn simply by observing where on the water the experienced fisherman goes, what baits they use and what times they are going to certain spots at. Even more can be learned as fish start to be caught, like how to set a hook on a fish, fight them to the boat or shore and how to properly handle the fish. Hiring a fishing guide is always an option as well.

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