4 Unique And Fun Ways To Spend Time With Your Pup

If you have a dog, there are many important things that you need to do. From feeding them a nutritious diet, exercising them thoroughly, playing with them, working on training, understanding and loving them. Sometimes you want to treat them to something special or do something out of the ordinary. Here are 4 fun ways that you can spend time with your pup.


Take Your Dog to the Dog Park

If your dog is friendly with people, other dogs, and are up to date on their vaccinations – you may want to check out a dog park. Most towns have a dog park or two. Dogs love to run around, check out new scents, play and make new doggy friends. Going to the dog park will be fun for your dog and help to get out any excess energy that they might have – which in turn will benefit their behavior.


Have a Photo Session

One of the top things that most pet lovers have in common is taking pictures of their pet and posting them on social media. They can be candid photos in the minute, you can set something up on your own or turn to a professional. Many people like to have their dogs picture taken with the family or some great photos of their dog amongst flowers or some other beautiful backdrop. Once you get these photos taken, do something fun with them. Have them printed on a mug, made into a stuffed animal or into pop art for your wall.


Have a Doggy Birthday Party

It can be fun to celebrate your pets birthday, or if you aren’t sure when that is you can celebrate the day you brought them home. Invite your friends over with their dogs and you and your friends can chat while the dogs play. If it is warm weather you can set up sprinklers and a few kiddy pools to make it even more fun for the dogs. Make some homemade doggy treats and be sure to take plenty of pictures.


Go on a Road Trip

If your pup loves to ride in the car and you haven’t taken them much of anywhere as of yet – take them on a road trip. There are plenty of pet friendly hotels or you can take them camping. Your dog will revel in the new sights and smells and the trip can bring the two of you even closer.


There are plenty of creative and fun ways to spend time with your four-legged friend. Try one of these suggestions or try them all – either way, you will be enjoying time and creating memories with your pup.

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