4 Strategies for Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Dealing with a traffic ticket can be challenging, especially if it is an inopportune time for you. You have two choices when a police officer hits you with one. You can either pay it, which is the same as admitting guilt, or you can fight it with the assistance of an amazing strategy. The following are four ideas that you can use to strategize against a traffic charge.

1. Challenge Protocol and Procedures

If the officer who charges you with a traffic violation fails to follow the appropriate protocol, your traffic case may end up getting dismissed. By right, he is supposed to tell you why he is charging you with a violation and let you know what you did. Additionally, he’s supposed to let you know your options. Your officer should give you a certain level of courtesy when he charges you, as well. If he does not supply you with those elements, you can call his methodology into question and ask a judge to rule on it.

2. Ask Who Was Driving

Is the officer 100 percent sure that you were the one who was driving the vehicle? This can be a tough situation if he’s trying to charge you with a traffic crime. You can always ask him to prove it. If he can’t, you may receive a dismissal. Police officers make errors like that all the time. don’t be afraid to challenge the ticket. You do have the challenge ticket right even though some jurisdictions may not appreciate it.

3. Call for Proof of Violation

Your attorney can request that that officer who charged you with a traffic violation prove that you committed it. The proof may be something like a video, breathalyzer reading, eye witness or something similar. if the police cannot show this proof to the court, their case will be severely damaged.

4. Show That You Needed to Make the Violation

One more strategy that you can use is the necessity strategy. For example, you were speeding because your wife was in labor, or you ran a red light to avoid an impending incident. If you have the documentation to back these concepts up, an attorney just may be able to help the judge to see it your way so that you don’t have to pay a fine.

No matter which strategy you decide to use, don’t forget to hire an attorney to help you. You will have less of a chance of losing the case if you hire a good traffic lawyer who can fight by your side. Many of them will be available for you. Don’t take a traffic ticket that you don’t deserve just for convenience. It’s not a good idea at all.

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