4 Signs You Need New Windows

Your home might need new windows if you have problems getting them open or you find that they stick when you are trying to shut them. How do you know if now is the time to invest in energy-efficient windows? We list some of the common signs that it is time to replace your windows below.

Obvious signs of warping, damage, or breaks

Cracks, holes, or gaps in the glass let air, cold, bugs, and dirt into your house every day. When you have damage like a broken sash or a frame that will not let the window go up, then you have no way to get fresh air into your house, or let out fumes from cleaning products, burnt food, and paint that contain harmful chemicals. When your windows do not operate properly, you can hurt yourself by pulling on the panes and trying to get the frame to go up. Forbes says that even if the window opens, it may still cause problems that you can avoid by installing new ones.

Condensation between the panes of double or triple-pane windows

Moisture in the middle of your window panes means that there is a leak somewhere in the panel letting air into the middle of the window glass. These units will be less energy-efficient and will cost you each month until you put in better windows.

Water damage under the sill

When you discover drips or stains beneath your window sill, on the baseboards below windows, or on the floor, then you might have a leak. The water that comes in a leaky sash can get between the walls and drip down to lower levels. The moisture behind the wall will cause mold to grow and create problems for people that live in the house.

Your energy bills are creeping up

When you notice a higher energy bill compared to previous years, it might be worth it to track monthly bills. You can see if each month is higher than the previous month or year at the same time. Higher bills mean less efficient heating and cooling that might come from the windows if they are more than a decade or two old.

Your windows cover large spans of your home. When air leaks around the frame or glass, it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in heating and cooling bills. To save money and update the look of your home, consider a new style to match the paint you want to use on the exterior. You can also select contemporary options that have blinds inside the panes to reduce cleaning while giving you instant privacy at your fingertips.

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