4 Mistakes Brides Make When Buying a Wedding Gown

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most important shopping excursions of any woman’s life. Most brides feel a ton of pressure to find that perfect gown. However, there are a few typical traps that a lot of brides fall into when wedding dress shopping. Here are four mistakes to avoid when buying a wedding gown.

1. Shopping With A Huge Group Of People

Every bride has a huge group of friends and family members who are giddy with excitement over her dress selection. However, the phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” applies here. When you bring your whole bridal party dress shopping, there’s way too many conflicting opinions and no dress is ever good enough. Instead of bringing your whole bridal party, just bring your maid of honor and a friend or relative whose style opinions you trust.

2. Sticking To “Rules”

Even fashion magazines agree that the concept of “fashion rules” is outdated. There’s no area of the fashion industry where “rules” are more prevalent than the world of bridal apparel. You’ve probably heard rules about curvy brides and skinny brides and what dresses they should avoid.

When you’re shopping for your wedding dress, pay these “rules” no mind. Try on a wide array of styles and cuts. You never know which dress is going to fit you like a dream, the “rules” be damned.

3. Shopping For The Body You Plan To Have

Most brides start a diet and fitness regimen in the weeks or months leading up to their big day. While it’s admirable to aim to slim down or tone up, don’t shop for the body you plan to have on your big day. When you buy a dress that’s too tight because you anticipate dropping a size, you’re putting yourself in a rather precarious situation. Instead, shop for the body you have now. If you do drop a dress size, you can always have the gown taken in by a tailor.

4. Equating “Pricy” With “Better”

There’s a famous joke in the movie Bridesmaids where the bride is stoked to have her wedding gown designed by a famous French designer, only to find herself stuck with a hideous monstrosity of a frock on the day of her wedding. Yes, it’s true that there are many couture and designer wedding gowns that are absolutely breathtaking. But there are also tons of discounted and vintage gowns that are equally gorgeous. Don’t be influenced by labels when you’re wedding dress shopping. A beautiful gown is a beautiful gown, regardless of what name is on the label.

Above all else, remember to relax and have fun when you’re shopping for your wedding gown. The happier you are when you go dress shopping, the more positive you’ll feel about the gowns you try on.

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