3 Ways to Make the Most Of Your 3d Movie Experience

We love going to the movies. A great movie is a great movie whether you see it in 2D, 3D or analog on that old rabbit ear TV in your Great Aunt Susan’s basement, but seeing a movie in a theater is an event. It’s an event we can’t recreate anywhere else. The digital surround-sound and enormous projection screen have done wonders to create an environment where we can escape, but 3D technology has actually made us feel we are a part of the film. Here are 3 ways to better enjoy your 3D moviegoing experience.

Timing is everything just not the same “thing” to everyone. Younger moviegoers tend to go for a shared experience, while those of “a certain age” prefer to avoid the crowds. For a less crowded environment try a matinee. It varies a bit but theses are generally movies that start prior to 6 PM when theaters are less crowded and tend to have viewers who are older adults. However, if you are seeing a family movie keep in mind that this is also a popular time for families with small children, as well. Another surefire way to avoid a crowded theater is to see movies several weeks after they premiere. Midnight- or later, movies are a great option for serious moviegoers as that particular showing has a devoted clientele of movie aficionados. The main advantage to a less crowded theater for attending a 3-D movie is that you have a better chance of landing stellar seating.

There are actually mathematical formulas devoted to determining the best seat in the house for a 3-D movie with variables for the size of said house, the number of lenses a film is shot using, the size of the screen and something called the Horizontal Angles of View. The newest 3-D movies are created with the modern theater in mind, which is good news as this increases the likelihood most seats are in a sweet spot. If you find yourself in a smaller theater, the recommendation is 6th-row center.

BYO Glasses
Dreamworks CEO Jeffery Katzenberg predicted way back in 2008 that moviegoers of the future would own personal “Movie Glasses”. Who knew the future would be the norm just a few years later? Currently, glasses are available at the theater for single-use before being cleaned and repackaged, however, Good Housekeeping Magazine found that there were many reasons to doubt the safety of 3D movie glasses. The magazine tested both packaged and unpackaged glasses and found an alarming array of bacteria. Germs causing conjunctivitis (Pink-eye), skin diseases, food-bourne illness and pneumonia were detected. Fortunately, the vast online marketplace has many reasonably priced options, for even the casual moviegoer. Bial, a renowned optical tech company offers some very affordable, attractive options that come nicely packaged in their own zipper case.

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