3 Ways a Stair lift Benefits Someone With Physical Limitations

In today’s world, more and more people are finding themselves having difficulty using the stairs in their homes. As a result, they face difficult choices such as moving into an assisted-living facility, nursing home, or perhaps into the home of a relative. Whatever the case may be, one option that may prevent these moves from happening is having a stair lift installed in your home. By doing so, you may be able to stay in your home longer and enjoy access to both upstairs and downstairs. If you’re having mobility issues and are considering a stair lift, here are three ways a stair lift will benefit individuals who have physical limitations.

Lessens the Risk of Injury
For older people living in their own homes, a stair lift significantly lessens the risk of injury due to a fall. Perhaps more than anything, falls that result in broken bones or fractures are the biggest risk many older homeowners face on a daily basis. Whether it’s going upstairs to put away laundry or downstairs to do some cleaning, navigating a flight of stairs can be nerve-wracking as well as dangerous. If a fall happens while on the stairs, the result can be broken hips, legs, arms, or possibly even loss of life. To keep this from happening, a┬ástair lift can make all the difference.

Remaining Independent at Home
As most seniors will agree, being able to live independently in their home for as long as possible is extremely important to them. By having a stair lift at home, they can often see themselves remain independent much longer. Rather than have to rely on a paid caregiver for assistance or having family members look in on them several times daily, more seniors than ever before are turning to such items as stair lifts to maintain their sense of independence and pride.
An Economical Solution
According to experts, living in a one-bedroom apartment in an assisted-living facility can average more than $3,300 per month. Rather than have this additional financial burden, you can purchase a stair lift for far less and have it installed in your home. For those who do, there are far fewer things to worry about on a daily basis. With 35 million people in the United States being age 65 or older, it’s expected many will choose this option in the years ahead.

Whether it’s retaining a sense of independence or preventing loved ones from worrying about a possible fall, it’s clear stair lifts will accomplish this and much more.

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