3 Steps for Eliminating Pests in Your Home

Pests can take over any area once they have invaded, and this includes your home. Common household pests include mice, fleas, ants, and roaches just to name a few. No one wants these nuisances around. Whether you have just a few pests or an infestation, there are steps you can take to eliminate these troublesome creatures from your home.

Several tips are given, and the following three are extremely important.

1. Seal cracks in your home. Many insects and rodents enter your home through tiny holes or cracks around your home. You may not even notice the point of entry and may wonder how anything could get inside when there’s no visible holes or cracks. Therefore, it’s very important to check very closely and seal any areas that might allow entry. It’s recommended that you inspect the foundation of your home annually and use a high-quality silicone sealant to seal cracks.

2. Manage garbage. Pests love garbage. It provides food and also provides a prime place for breeding for many insects. Don’t keep trash in your home. Take the garbage outside to a covered trash can or bin. Always make sure the trash is covered so that you avoid the risk of attracting pests to your home. You can freeze food waste until you are able to permanently dispose of it. You should eliminate old rags, clothes, or other cloth materials from accumulating in storage areas as these provide prime breeding grounds for many pests and this can become a problem before you even know these pests are in your home.

3. Control lighting. Many insects are attracted to lights. Leave the porch light off as much as possible. When the light is on, insects swarm around it. When the door is opened, the insects find their way inside your house. Motion sensor lights are a good idea because they only come on when someone moves near them. Therefore, they are only on long enough to provide light for someone walking to or from the house. You can also use yellow light bulbs outside because insects are less attracted to these versus white light bulbs. The placement of exterior lighting fixtures has a big impact on where spiders are since they are attracted to areas where insect activity is the greatest.

Many common household pests cause health problems and should be eliminated immediately. You could suffer from allergies or worse conditions, such as those caused by rodents. Ensure your health and safety by taking the steps necessary to eliminate pests from your home.



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