3 Reasons to Get a Portable Storage Unit

There are many benefits to a portable storage container. It’s cost effective and provides a flexibility you can’t get when renting a van for your move. There are a variety of reasons why you should get a portable storage unit. You should also sift through your belongings and start purging items that don’t belong in the new home. Some items shouldn’t be moved in a storage unit at all too.

Moving at Your Pace
When you rent a van or truck for your move, you have a time limit. If you take more than one day, you’ll have to pay extra. Those costs can add up, which is why most people make a half dozen trips with a moving truck on the same day. Between gas, mileage and extra moving days, it can be incredibly costly to rent a moving van or truck.

When you don’t want to pay for extra days it makes sense to use a portable storage unit delivered right to your door. With a portable storage unit, the container sits in the yard and gets filled up over a certain length of time. There’s no rush to get everything packed and moved in a single day.

You could rent a unit for the entire month then call someone to move it to the new home. After the move, you can take your time moving boxes and furniture into the new home. It’s a simpler way to move from one location to another.

Keeping on a Job Site
When you’re the boss at a large construction site, there is a need for a portable storage unit to protect yourself against theft. There is a criminal element that will break into an unsecured job site and steal construction equipment.

This kind of theft can cost thousands of dollars to the contractor. With a storage unit, tools, equipment and supplies can be secured at the end of the day. Anyone not storing their tools or the building materials runs the risk of losing them to theft. Renting a storage container will cost less than hiring a guard to patrol the construction site on a nightly basis.

Repairs and Upgrades
A storage unit can be great for the homeowner who wants to do some upgrades or repairs on the home. They can provide part of the container to the contractors to store equipment while the rest can hold appliances or large furniture.

Often, a remodel or upgrade requires part of the home to be open to the elements. Whether it’s a kitchen window, front door or basement window opening, there are ways that thieves can enter the home. Securing items in the storage container ensures that nobody will steal precious items.

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