3 Easy Steps For Cleaning Any Type Of Bottle

Reusable bottles have become an integral part of today’s busy lifestyle. People carry water bottles, flasks, bottles for protein drinks, bottles for children’s lunch and snack, and bottles for many other uses. These bottles are personal favorites, and are used over and over again. Often times they are just rinsed out and reused. There comes a time when a thorough cleaning of a bottle that is frequently used is required for sanitary and health reasons. Just throwing it in the dishwasher is usually not enough. This does not always get rid of the bacteria or mold that forms in containers that constantly carries various liquids.

Cleaning any type and size bottle can easily be done in three steps. Bottles can contain many contaminants that are not visible with the naked eye, especially if it is not a see through bottle. This could alter any liquid that is carried in it.


Depending on the size of the bottle, put some rice and a little dish washing liquid in the bottle, and shake well for about thirty seconds. The rice acts as an agitator to remove any debris that has formed in the bottle. After thirty seconds, pour out, and rinse thoroughly.

The second thing that you want to do is add one part vinegar and ten parts water and a little more dish washing liquid to the bottle, and shake again for thirty seconds. This step is to cleanse the bottle. If you are cleaning a small bottle, you can use a bottle brush with this step. Larger bottles will benefit from the vigorous shaking. Once this step is complete, pour out the liquid, and rinse well several times to ensure that all of the suds from the dish washing liquid is gone.

The final step is to disinfect the bottle. Pour in a small amount of bleach, and about two hundred parts water. Be careful of splatters on clothing and skin. Again, shake the bottle well, let it stand for about an hour, then rinse more than once. After rinsing, turn the bottle upside down, and leave overnight, or for several hours. This dries the bottle out completely so that none of the cleaning liquids are left behind/

Getting the maximum benefit from a bottle just takes a small amount of time to cleanse it properly. Foul tasting liquids can be eliminated with a few shakes, and the right ingredients for cleaning. This cleaning method is not recommended for children because of the harsh agents that are used. Keep your bottles clean, safe, and free of any contaminants.

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