3 Decorative Accents to Make Your Wedding One to Remember

Your wedding day may be valued as the most anticipated time in your life to share your love with the person of your dreams. The time for daydreaming in heavenly bliss and looking through rose-colored glasses now encounters the harsh reality of the daunting task of arranging all the minute details. For wedding inspiration, shares creative ideas for your romantic day. Accenting with a fashionable design concept will transform your momentous event into a day you will embrace forever.

“Romantic Candlelight Dinner”

Candles used for your wedding denote a very intimate and romantic tone to your ceremony, enhancing the mood of your reception, engaging all of your senses of sight, smell, and touch. Crystal and pearl hanging bobeches, with its crystal and the cascading streams of gorgeous pearls offers a splendid elegance to the plain candle, becoming the perfect centerpiece. Five-foot candle trees accented around each guest table creates a serene backdrop. With use of creative lighting, you will add a hint of ambiance and create a masterful illusion of walking through a forest lit up by the stars. Lining the ceremony aisle with illuminated trees creates an enchanted entrance into your ceremony.

“Wedding Stone Guest Book”

Now you guests can have the perfect opportunity to express their warmest wishes to the cherished bride and groom on their special day. Signing the stones offers a unique alternative to having a traditional guestbook. After your guests have witnessed the most unforgettable moment in the bride and groom’s life, they have the opportunity to choose a stone and write their names with an endearing message and place it inside a vase. The signed stones within the vase make for a beautiful decorative home accent that holds as a very memorable keepsake of all your guests that attended the special event.

“Arbor Entrance of Climbing Roses”

Go from a typical to elaborate wedding by enhancing the ceremony archway through creating a botanical setting. Beautiful unique ideas at, can inspire you to create a stunning backdrop for your wedding day. By draping climbing roses wrapped around an arbor archway in seasonal hues, you will enrich your wedding day with a luscious colorful accent. Create a floral entrance for you and your guests to enter your ceremony to celebrate the happiness and beauty of the day.

“Memories of an Enchanted Wedding”

For as long as you can remember, you have dreamed of this special day your whole life. Now the day has finally arrived. With a few design concepts, create lasting memories that embrace a celebration of life, love, and happiness. Create your own fairy tale wedding that will be reminisced for a lifetime.

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