3 Cigar Accessories Every Smoker Should Own

Cigar accessories are important if you’re considering indulging. Cigars are usually much richer and bolder in flavor when compared to cigarettes. Those who smoke cigars usually have three things on hand: a humidor, a lighter and a cigar cutter. Without these three essential accessories, smoking a cigar is almost impossible. If you’re unsure about the right type of accessories you need, here’s a rundown of each.

The device we know today as the humidor has a long history of accepted use dating as far back as cigar smoking itself. Archeologists have found evidence of documented cigar like products dating as far back as the tenth century. A piece of pottery was found dating to that time featuring Mayan tobacco leaves being tied together for drying for use as a rolling apparatus. The first humidors were largely nailed wooden boxes with paper labels, which acted as trimming and edging. As time progressed, Tin humidors hit the scene. These humidors mimicked their parent wooden humidor boxes except with regard to the fact that they were made of Tin. Cardboard humidors started appearing around 1880 as cardboard was cheaper and didn’t weigh as much. Glass cigar humidors are a higher end quality humidor. They started becoming popular in the mid 1800’s. Out of the all of the different varieties of humidors, Glass is by far the most eloquent.

Cigar Lighters 
Cigar lighters come in all different shapes and sizes. The traditional Soft flame lighters are the most commonly used. Soft flame lighters are cheap and effective as long as the weather permits. Jet flame lighters are a newer edition and have moderate vulnerability depending on the climate. Jet flame lighters are also much better for lighting bigger cigars. Torch lighters are the newest addition to the family possessing superior flammability regardless of weather conditions.

Cigar Cutters 
Cigar cutters are very popular amongst enthusiasts and a handy edition to users Cigar accessory collection. The first cigar cutters were most likely knives. In the 1870’s, Cigar smokers used an apparatus called a Perforator in addition to using their knives. Traditional cigar cutters made their first appearance in the early 1900’s. Before running out and buying the first cigar cutter you see, it’s a wise idea to understand the different types of cutters first. Straight cutters, or, Guillotine’s as they are commonly known, are a single blade cutter, straight cutter. The single blade design may sometimes incorporate an additional double blade. V-cut, or a Wedge cutter, is blades which cut notched holes slicing from one side of the cigar at the same depth. This reduces the risk of cutting too deep while also allowing for sufficient air when you draw. Furthermore, this type of cut prevents exposing the mouth to loose debris. The shrunken cutter is the newest accessory to the cigar cutter line. It features six sharp blades, which cut slits around the cap of the cigar. This type of cutter is preferred for short filler cigar brands.

In conclusion, Cigar enthusiast used a wide assortment of cigar accessories for the most pleasure out of their cigars. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just getting started you have to have these three accessories.

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