3 Amazing Reasons to Foster a Child

Many people hear about foster care and think that it sounds fulfilling. Make no mistake about it; the good you can give to a child through fostering them is second to none. It is also a very difficult decision to make as well as something that is a lifelong commitment. You are the parent of the child through thick and thin, through good times and through the not so good times. That being said, here are the top reasons why somebody should become a foster parent.

1. You may very well be the only representative of what a “real” parent is like. Your home will show them exactly how a home is supposed to be. Not every child gets to cook with their parents, gets help with homework, or even has somebody that cares if they even do their homework. Kids need structure in their life; the simple act of living out a routine brings great comfort to a child who has been neglected. Being able to sit down and eat dinner at a real dinner table, talk about what happened at school or how their day went, and even being told what time to go to bed are hugely important in the developmental stages of their youth, even when they are a teenager, whether they want to admit it or not.

2. You will be able to watch them grow up, throughout every stage of their life. What better way to enjoy life than to watch someone else enjoy theirs, especially when that person is your child? Turning from a child into a teenager, learning how to drive, graduating high school, all of these things can be enjoyed together when you foster a child. Imagine being able watch them get married or being able to have grandchildren they themselves have brought into this amazing world? All of these things can seem impossible to a child who is uncertain about the future. By fostering a child long term, you are letting them have that certainty that they so desperately deserve.

3. Teaching the child discipline is also a great reason to become a foster parent. Children need to be told when they have done wrong and they need to know that their actions always have reactions. This is part of becoming a mature and responsible adult and you are the person who can deliver the gift of maturity who without you, may think they have very little future awaiting them.

As you can see, there are some stunningly great reasons why you should become a foster parent. These are only three, but trust us; there are plenty of more reasons to add your love to a child’s life.

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