3 Reasons Every Warehouse Should be Using Pallet Rack Shelving

With the advent of ecommerce, the need for warehousing has grown exponentially. Warehouse facilities must continually search for ways to expand and remain efficient. Improvements in every facet of the industry are imperative to survival. Pallet rack shelving can greatly enhance a storage facility’s chances of maximizing profit and remaining viable, regardless of the size of your business. Here are 3 reasons why EVERY warehouse should use pallet rack shelving:

1. Low Cost
This racking system has relatively few parts in its structure, reducing costs. It works with the help of gravity. Shelves are angled in a way that facilitates easy delivery into and out of storage. This further cuts costs because gravity is the motor that moves your product into place. You only have to ensure that your product is guided into its rightful space in the racking. Pallet racking’s relatively low impact on your overhead costs will allow you to free up capital to deploy for other useful activities.

2. Low Maintenance 
Easy to assemble and maintain, pallet rack shelving gives your workforce the ability to focus on the business of warehousing. The shelving is easily accessible from almost any angle. This accessibility makes cleaning and maintenance easier to perform than most other forms of shelving. The shelves can be stacked, destacked, and reassembled in various configurations, depending on the inventory it holds. The last thing you want to worry about is having to shut down parts of your warehouse for long periods of time just to move or readjust rigid and bulky racking.

3. Efficient Space Use 
Pallet rack shelving allows you to efficiently fill your factory by expanding your stock vertically. You can possess a factory floor that is 1000 feet wide, 1000 feet long, and 50 feet high, but if your product is only 5 feet high and single-stacked, you are losing out on a MASSIVE AMOUNT of potential space and potential profit. With the right shelving, your warehouse can safely stack items while simultaneously freeing up valuable floor space. The extra space you gain will allow your facility to attract new business and maintain current business. More business equals more profit. Your inventory tracking will also improve because your products aren’t spread out over large areas.

The warehousing industry will continue to explode in the coming years. There’s space for everyone to thrive…no pun intended. With the right type of racking, you can minimize overhead and maximize profit. Pallet rack shelving is making its case as the best way to quickly and efficiently store large amounts of material and product.